David Mann

Persuasive Power in the Courtroom: 
How to Master the Art of Storytelling

David's Session Is Available Until April 22 at 9:00am EST

  • Using active language to connect on an emotional and intellectual level with your audience
  • Putting the power of your voice as well as your physical presence to work for your client’s advantage (and your own!)
  • Painting a visual picture that will follow jurors all the way through deliberations
  • Explore the step-by-step process to present the story of your case
  • How non-litigators can use stories in oral arguments, summary judgements, motions, openings for mediations, etc.

David Mann

David Mann specializes in persuasive presentation skills and storytelling. A theater artist for over three decades, David now trains attorneys and business professionals how to use performance and storytelling techniques to win.

He has spoken at Fortune 500 events nationwide, inspiring groups to use the power of storytelling and effective delivery to get results every time. As a persuasive presentation specialist for lawyers, David has taught with NITA, Professional Education Group, Loyola School of Law in Chicago, and Louisiana State University Law School. 

He has worked with private firms in Minneapolis, Chicago, Pennsylvania, Texas, Colorado and Georgia to develop opening statements, motions, and demand letters that combine careful wording, engaging storytelling, and dynamic delivery. With David’s storytelling guidance, lawyers are armed with powerfully persuasive arguments that win. 

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