Joanna McCracken

How I left a High-Pressure Law Firm and
Found Success (and Happiness) in my own Boutique Firm

Joanna's Session Is Available Until May 1 at 9:00am EST

  • Explore what it takes to walk away from a firm you do not enjoy
  • Learn how to manage in a high pressure, stressful culture
  • Examine being a female attorney in a male-dominated firm
  • Learn how to prepare emotionally, financially and personally to make the ultimate leap to start your own firm
  • Discover the importance of setting up networks for your success (do this before you leave the firm!)

Joanna McCracken

Joanna McCracken is an attorney, yoga instructor, and meditation teacher. She is one of the two managing partners of Piper McCracken, PLLC, a Nashville law firm that focuses on family law.

Joanna is the founder of Mind Your Business, an organization that teaches lawyers, firms, and other legal groups how to use meditation, mindfulness, and yoga techniques to overcome occupational stress and create healthier working environments. Joanna gives wellbeing presentations at CLE conferences, legal seminars, and law schools.

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