Liz Wendling

Selling Legal Services to The New Legal Consumer:
How to Close More Business and Grow Your Firm

Liz's Session Is Available Until May 1 at 9:00am EST

  • Discover the 5 massive mistakes many lawyers make in client consultations
  • Craft your unique consultation approach that makes you stand out
  • Create a different view of selling services that supports your practice
  • Avoid the commodity perception - it is never about fees it is always about value
  • Differentiate: Understand why people hire you and not the competition

Liz Wendling

Liz Wendling is a nationally recognized practice development coach for attorneys and the author of 5 books. Two of them for attorneys. The Rainmaking Mindset for Attorneys and Consultations That Convert.

Using a straightforward and practical approach, Liz teaches attorneys the client and business development skills they don’t teach in law school. Liz works with attorneys who want to attract and convert more clients, differentiate themselves from the competition, and modernize their approach to align with the new savvy legal consumer. She is informative and delivers insight that can be applied immediately.

Liz combines a rock-solid sales background with a passion for coaching and the result is a powerful, new way to understand how to sell in today’s crowded legal marketplace. Her innovative approach will support you in opening doors, closing business and building relationships.

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