Pamela DeNeuve

Five Secrets To Build A Strong Law Practice That Beats The Competition

Pamela's Session Is Available Until April 22 at 9:00am EST

  • How to reclaim your power, increase your confidence and learn how to advocate for yourself with your firm.
  • Discover the fatal flaw that keeps sabotaging your law practice
  • Get an introduction to the exact, step-by-step strategic game plan to beat the billable hour rat race
  • Find out how to avoid becoming a second class lawyer who is passed over for promotions and prestigious assignments
  • Learn  the secret to managing your energy, staying motivated and regaining your enjoyment of practicing law
  • Discover the 3-step process of shifting your mindset to become a money magnet while working 40 Hours or Less (yes, it’s possible with the right strategies!)

Pamela DeNeuve

Pamela began working with lawyers in 1992 in Los Angeles, California. Pamela has worked with AM 100 law firms throughout the US helping them to increase engagement, productivity and improve their profits by millions of dollars. She also helped them to negotiate multi-million-dollar business transactions.

In 2005 she created a consulting firm serving law firms in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Pamela served as a Peer Reviewer for the groundbreaking NATIONAL TASK FORCE ON LAWYER WELL-BEING  (Creating a Movement To Improve Well-Being in the Legal Profession), which was released in November 2017 by the National Task Force and other legal entities associated with the American Bar Association.

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