Brad Cochrane

The CLEAR Brand Plan:
How to Create Customer Confidence in YOU!

Brad's Session Is Available Until April 23 at 9:00am EST


Brad Cochrane

They say that first impressions are everything –but they’re not the only thing. Your customers are always judging you in subtle and unseen ways. What they think of you matters and are the difference between a pass or a purchase.

In my CLEAR Brand Plan™ program, you’ll take away the knowledge, skills, and framework to build your brand’s credibility, confidence, and trust so that customers will buy –and buy again.

In a long career of telling stories, my proudest moment came creating a PBS documentary during the earliest days of the AIDS epidemic. The prevailing view of victims was negative and homophobic. By revealing the sufferers as real people in real pain, we changed public perception and sparked a change in attitude and media coverage. Those People went on to win an Emmy.

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