Paula Price

Money Mindset for Lawyers

Paula's VIP Workshop is on:

Thursday, April 22, 2021 at
11:00am EST/ 8:00am PST/ 4:00pm BST 

Paula Price

Paula Price is an executive coach and former litigator. She brings her experience practicing law, coaching lawyers and speaking and training to empower lawyers to create practical, actionable solutions and strategies they can adopt in their practice to get the results they want with strengths and resources they already have.

In addition to coaching lawyers and law students, Paula has created a diverse range of virtual training including a virtual coaching program for women lawyers, a six week on line course to help law students bridge the gap between law school and law firm, a six week online course about professionalism for lawyers and various workshops about networking, confidence building for young associates, time management and money mindset.

It's time to change your money mindset!

There are lawyers who have been making a good income for years and still have not been able to make any real progress on their finances. These people are always asking themselves: Where does all my money go? Why does my spending increase the more I make?

Money is energy. Until we understand our attitude and beliefs around money, we can quickly find ourselves challenged and plagued with money issues.

In this interactive workshop, you'll learn how to identify your money mindset and examine how it affects your practice. You'll identify the pain points in your practice caused by your attitude towards money and adopt an more empowering money mindset instead.

Paula will teach you the tools you can use to coach yourself to deal with the discomfort around money and other triggers in your practice.You’ll come away with a new sense of confidence about the money you make and the fees you charge.

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