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justin Brooks

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Lawyers Summit Kick-Off Party:
Do The Right Thing:  Seeking Justice for the Unjustly Convicted

When Holllywood decides to make, not one but, TWO of your cases into feature films, you know you're doing something right. The Lawyers Summit is pleased to kick-off this exciting summit week with Justin Brooks, the founder and director of the California Innocence Project. We are proud to support the California Innocence Project, as they work to exonerate the wrongfully convicted from the largest prison system in the world.

Watch Justin kick off session in this year's summit and learn about the incredible story of Brian Banks. As a 16-year old young man, Brian was falsely accused of raping a classmate, and he was railroaded by the justice system. In 2012, Brian was exonerated by the California Innocence Project, his triumphant story earned him a second chance for a football career; and a Hollywood feature film recognition.

Pamela DeNeuve

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Five Secrets To Build A Strong Law Practice
That Beats The Competition

As a Lawyer and Law Firm Performance Strategist for almost 30 years, Pamela DeNeuve has worked with AM 100 law firms throughout the US helping them to increase engagement, productivity and improve their profits by millions of dollars. Now, she's here to help you beat the competition!

David Mann

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Persuasive Power in the Courtroom:
How to Master the Art of Storytelling

Trial lawyers need a crucial set of skills to persuade jurors and judges alike. David Mann will help you polish your courtroom performance and skills of persuasion. David Mann specializes in persuasive presentation skills and storytelling. A theatre artist for over three decades, he now trains attorneys and business professionals how to use performance and storytelling techniques to win.

Olivia Vizachero

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

How to Effectively Manage Your Time

Want to find out how to become more productive and less stressed?

Get control of your time!

Time is our most valuable asset, but it’s also the one we control the least. As a former lawyer, Olivia Vizachero understands the stress and pressures of law firms. 

In this session, you'll gain a better understanding your current time management mindset and cultivate new beliefs about time to produce better time management results.
Learn the three steps to managing your time: reclaiming control of your calendar, planning your schedule, and honoring your plan. You'll discover how to create a time management system that works for you and develop the skills to maximize your time.
Olivia will show you how to invest your time wisely by using the best time management skills and techniques to achieve a life of balance, fulfillment, and satisfaction.
Jaimie Field

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

The Lawyers Guide to Lifelong Rainmaking Skills

Since 2008, Jaimie Field has trained and coached lawyers to develop their business development skills and become Rainmakers who know how to get clients. The goal of this session is to show you that it's never too early or too late to build your book of business.

There are countless myths and misconceptions that can keep lawyers from marketing their services effectively. Jaimie breaks down the marketing myths you need to overcome, then she explains how to use the right marketing tactics that will work for your practice.

There's never a perfect time to start building your book of business. This session is for anyone who has been too busy, too tired, or too scared to put in the time and effort required to craft the right marketing plan.

Olga Mack

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

How You can Grow as a Leader in Legal and Beyond

There are plenty of practical steps lawyers can take to differentiate themselves in the legal industry. From establishing themselves in leadership roles and networking to increasing their visibility, there's a lot of opportunities for lawyers. Olga Mack shares her career journey and leadership philosophy that has led to her role as a legal tech CEO.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021
11:00 am EST/ 8:00 am PST/ 4:00 pm BST

A New & Better Way to Practice Law

The secret weapons to a more fulfilling and rewarding practice.

Have you ever felt like the law doesn’t work for you? Is your law practice feeling stale? Is it worth the time and effort? Are you longing for a different way to practice law?

We’ve been conditioned to practice law and negotiation based on an outdated traditional model that no longer serves us.

The good news is that there’s a better way to practice!

Suzanne Longstreet

Tuesday, April 20, 2021
2:00 pm EST/ 11:00 am PST/ 7:00 pm BST

Crush the Imposter Syndrome! 

Do you often feel like a fraud in your work as a lawyer?

Do you often wonder if you're qualified enough for the matters that are set before you?

You're not alone.

You know what it's like to feel like an imposter. You're good at what you do, but your imposters syndrome is holding you back. You know you're not the only one who has felt this way, but you're not sure how to get yourself out of this vicious cycle.
Being an imposter feels like a common experience among many lawyers.
Suzanne's workshop will help you transform your thoughts and beliefs so that you can take on life with boldness and courage. You'll learn how to not let other people's opinions of you affect your performance. You'll discover how to bounce back from adversity and disappointments faster. 

If you want to FINALLY let go of the self-doubt that is holding you back, Suzanne will help you "release your inner bad ass"!

Don't miss this workshop!


Dan Wiig

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Lessons They Don't Teach You in Law Schools and
Law Firms on Being a Lawyer

Dan will share the career lessons you need to know about what it takes to be a successful lawyer. His session has tips and advice on how to grow your career, be an excellent lawyer, as well as information on practical skills for success in the legal profession.

Dan knows how important it is for lawyers to develop their business acumen. This is why he studied for his MBA and is passionate to share the knowledge he has gained from working with various bar associations.

This session is for anyone looking for an insider perspective to take their law career to the next level.

Daniel C. Gallant

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

How to Use the Media to Increase your Visibility, Credibility and Influence

If you were to look at Daniel Gallant’s past and life experiences, you would never have imagined him to become a lawyer and human rights advocate. His non-traditional background is unlike any seen in the legal profession in Canada. He was a violent Nazi skinhead in the 1990s but now denounces white supremacy. When he became a lawyer he turned to helping people leave the movement.

Then the media came calling. He shares how the media has played a significant role in gaining visibility and exposure for him and his firm. 

Come hear Daniel’s inspiring story of perseverance, tenacity and force of will. You will learn important life lessons from his story to motivate you as you pursue your legal career. 

Liz Wendling

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Selling Legal Services to The New Legal Consumer: How to Close More Business and Grow Your Firm

Getting the phone to ring is one thing, getting prospective clients to retain is something entirely different. Before you can serve clients, you must get them to hire you, and this starts with a fully functioning business development and lead conversion process.

Business Development expert, Liz Wendling, has spent many years working with attorneys to sell their services. In her book, The Rainmaking Mindset for Attorneys, she teaches lawyers the importance of relationship-building and shows you how to do it the right way. Many attorneys are nowhere near as confident and comfortable selling their services as they are delivering them.  

Liz believes that you don’t have to be a natural-born sales person to use these skills to grow your practice and in this session she shows you how to retain more business.

Brad Cochrane

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

The CLEAR Brand Plan:
How to Create Customer Confidence in YOU!

They say that first impressions are everything –but they’re not the only thing. Your customers are always judging you in subtle and unseen ways. What they think of you matters and are the difference between a pass or a purchase.

In Brad's CLEAR Brand Plan™ program, you’ll take away the knowledge, skills, and framework to build your brand’s credibility, confidence, and trust so that clients will buy –and buy again.

Marilyn Devonish

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Preparing to Read at 25,000 Words Per Minute:
A Guided 5-Minute Reset Strategy

Marilyn Devonish is an expert in Photoreading, a revolutionary concept for getting the most value from your reading time. You will learn how to read a book as fast as you could turn the pages, literally absorbing information in the blink of an eye and immediately apply what you learn.

Marilyn will share how you can advance your brain's potential and performance using this technique and other powerful strategies. Lawyers have a lot to accomplish in a limited amount of time. Discover strategies that help legal professionals get through books, journals, case notes, and online PDF files more quickly, easily, and effortlessly. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

12:00 pm EST/ 9:00 am PST/ 5:00pm BST

LIVE Frame of Mind Mindset Coaching! 

You've heard it all before: "Believe in yourself!" "Trust yourself!" "Do the work!"

But how do you get there?

In this session, get ready to go unlock your subconscious mind and identify limiting beliefs that could be preventing you from achieving your goals.

Kim will take you through a process to uncover the limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and then she'll show you how to use your newly gained awareness to change your mindset and get to your goals faster. You'll learn how to stop sabotaging your success and start playing the game of life at a level that's just right for you.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

2:00 pm EST/ 11:00 am PST/ 7:00pm BST
Unshakeable Confidence: Assertive Communication Skills

We all know that feeling: you walk into a meeting with a client, partner, opposing counsel, or a judge and you immediately feel small and intimidated. It can be hard to find your voice when you're feeling this way. 

Other times we're faced with difficult people and we don't know how to react. We might resort to being passive and dodging the person, or even being aggressive and attacking them. There are a lot of weak behaviours that we fall back on in these moments. 

Instead, Sherine Clarke teaches you how to remain assertive in any situation. In this life-changing seminar, you'll learn how to use your voice in a confident way to express your needs, wants, and opinions with the people in your life, even clients. You'll learn how to eliminate weak behaviours, transform aggressive and passive responses to a more assertive approach.

Stefanie Marrone

Wednesday, April 21, 2021
3:00 pm EST/ 12:00 pm PST/ 8:00pm BST

How to Build a Personal Brand at Any Level of
Your Career

Get ready to stand out in the marketplace!

We all know developing a personal brand is valuable. It helps others see your true talents, so you’re more likely to be tapped for relevant and interesting work, and it helps you stand out in a field of competitors. But it's not always easy to do so when you're balancing a full-time practice and responsibilities in your personal life, plus dealing with the pandemic and working from home.

Stefanie Marrone will show you how to be more intentional about developing your personal brand and leadership style. You will learn how to market yourself during all stages of your career, how to strategically use speaking, content creation, volunteer and board roles to build your brand, and how to feel more comfortable talking about your accomplishments and promoting yourself (without seeming too boastful). You will also learn tips for introverts or extroverts on how to be more productive and find balance.


Fred Headon

Thursday, April 22, 2021

How to Make the Move from Private Practice to
In-House Counsel

Fred Headon is Associate General Counsel for one of the largest transportation companies, Air Canada. 

He shares his personal journey and insights into the decision to move from private practice to in-house counsel. Buckle up.....it's a lively conversation!

Jerry Fletcher

Thursday, April 22, 2021

30-Second Marketing: Building A Unique Trust-based Brand, A Thriving Practice And A Life Of Joy

Building a “unique” brand and a “trusted” law practice in today’s new normal is not an easy task.

Jerry’s session is the perfect Masterclass to attend if you're looking for ideas on how to increase your recognition and grow your customer base. In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to have a conversation with your customer. It's more effective than a commercial because they're not just one-way messages and he shows you exactly how to have that discussion.

Jerry explains how to go from Nobody to Somebody in just 3 seconds and what it takes to go from memorable to legendary. With these steps you'll be able to create a marketing plan that will help you stand out from the lawyers in your marketplace or firm!

Melanie Lippman

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Your Powerful Style Strategy

Melanie shows you how to create a reliable wardrobe plan that will take the guesswork out of your closet. You'll learn the steps to construct your own uniform that will support you today and also your next level.

She explains how to define your unique personal brand style to engage and convert your social media following into paying clients.

Discover the science behind showing up to connect on Zoom... your clothes are even sending messages virtually, make sure they are sending the ones you want them to!

Carrie Gallant

Thursday, April 22, 2021

The Art of Negotiating Your Worth

Lawyers, your time has come! Lawyers find it incredibly easy to advocate for others, yet oftentimes find themselves unable to negotiate for themselves.

Carrie Gallant is here to show you how you can finally ask for what you deserve. First, you’ll uncover what blocks or fears might be stopping you from asking for what you're worth. Then, she’ll share the mistakes people often make when negotiating for money.

Negotiating your salary or what you charge for your legal services may seem scary, but it doesn't have to be. Watch as Carrie explains her top strategies for negotiating when your objective is to get more.

Amy Timmer

Thursday, April 22, 2021

How to Accelerate Your Career Growth with
60-minute Mentoring

Amy Timmer is Associate Dean of Students and Professionalism at WMU Cooley Law School.  

Mentoring for law students is a part of Cooley’s Professionalism Plan. To that end, Amy established a 60-minute professionalism mentoring program with local bar associations. Many aspects of her program are featured in her book, 60-Minute Mentoring for Lawyers and Law Students.

No one succeeds alone. You will need mentors to guide you throughout your career - at every stage. See what 60-minute mentoring can do for you!

Paula Price

Thursday, April 22, 2021
1:00 pm EST/ 10:00 pm PST/ 6:00pm BST

Money Mindset for Lawyers

It's time to change your money mindset!

There are lawyers who have been making a good income for years and still have not been able to make any real progress on their finances. These people are always asking themselves: Where does all my money go? Why does my spending increase the more I make?

Money is energy. Until we understand our attitude and beliefs around money, we can quickly find ourselves challenged and plagued with money issues.

In this interactive workshop, you'll learn how to identify your money mindset and examine how it affects your practice. You'll identify the pain points in your practice caused by your attitude towards money and adopt an more empowering money mindset instead.

Paula will teach you the tools you can use to coach yourself to deal with the discomfort around money and other triggers in your practice.You’ll come away with a new sense of confidence about the money you make and the fees you charge.

Marilyn Devonish

Thursday, April 22, 2021
2:00 pm EST/ 11:00 pm PST/ 7:00pm BST

PhotoReading Advanced:
Read at 25,000 Words Per Minute

Increase your productivity and research skills!

Imagine entering the virtual skills training room on a Thursday afternoon and returning to your desk on Friday morning feeling refreshed and armed with skills that can dramatically improve your performance, productivity, and ability to absorb and retain information. 

Marilyn Devonish is an expert in PhotoReading, a revolutionary concept for getting the most value from your reading time. You will learn how to read a book as fast as you could turn the pages, literally absorbing information in the blink of an eye and immediately apply what you learn.

Marilyn will share how you can advance your brain's potential and performance using this technique and other powerful strategies. Lawyers have a lot to accomplish in a limited amount of time. Discover strategies that help legal professionals get through books, journals, case notes, and online PDF files more quickly, easily, and effortlessly. You'll find that you can read more easily and quickly with greater comprehension.


Joanna McCracken

Friday, April 23, 2021

How I left a High-Pressure Law Firm and found
Success (and Happiness) in My Own Boutique Firm

When your stress starts to take its toll on your health and your hair begins to fall out, that's when you know something has to change!

This is the type of stress Joanna McCracken faced at a Big Law firm. It motivated her to look for ways to cope as a busy attorney and single mother of two. So, she made the wise decision to start her own boutique firm.  Her law firm embodies the promotion of a balanced life, ensuring each employee’s personal wellbeing comes first. 

Prepared to be inspired and blown away by Joanna's incredible journey!

Kim Ades

Friday, April 23, 2021

Top Thinking Strategies of Extraordinary Performers

As an expert in the area of thought mastery and mental toughness, Kim Ades shows you how to identify and remove limiting blocks, in order to make your thinking work for you.

Discover the top-level thinking strategies used by top performers - in business,and in life. You will learn how to use these strategies to get the most out of yourself and those around you.

Kim will show you how to use these strategies, you will be able to improve your performance at work or in any other area of your life. If you’re ready to drive higher levels of performance in your own life and achieve more than you ever thought possible, be sure not to miss Kim’s session.

Robert Weiss

Friday, April 23, 2021

How to Plan and Create Impactful
Legal Marketing Videos

The video revolution is finally here and it's time to get on board!  

One thing's for sure - video is here to stay! In his Lawyers Summit session, Robert will talk about why more and more prospective clients are watching videos and how you can get started.

It's no secret that video marketing is working for lawyers and their firms. More and more clients are watching videos, and now it's your turn to catch up on the trend! If you've been waiting for the perfect time to finally get started with video, the time is now and Robert will show you how.

 If you want to see what video can do for you and your practice, watch Robert's session.

Laura Feltz

Friday, April 23, 2021

Stop Sabotaging Your Sleep Overview

Do you remember when you were child, you never wanted to go to sleep at bedtime?

Today as an adult, it's hard to imagine there was a time when you didn’t want to get some rest. We know the devastating effects of long-term sleep deprivations. We know the deep, dark circles that form under our eyes and the chronic sleepiness that is sure to accompany them. We know the havoc it wreaks on our concentration, productivity, and overall mood. It can drain your energy, make you feel irritable and contribute to poor concentration. We are all looking for a solution because it doesn’t have to be this way.

Laura Felta can help, because she knows how to get a more peaceful sleep. If you're struggling with restlessness, waking up often, or experiencing a foggy brain, Laura has tips to help you get the rest we all deserve. With her background in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis, she's come up with some simple, effective ways to get a more peaceful sleep so you can be more alert and productive during your day.

Candace Duff

Friday, April 23, 2021

10 Ways Lawyers Can Use Books to Grow Their Practice

Imagine being able to use your book as a marketing tool to attract new clients, demonstrate your expertise and differentiate yourself from your competition. That is what this session is all about. Candace Duff shares her own experience and provides insight from other lawyers on how they have used books to help them achieve their goals.

Candace is a lawyer and an author. She practices law and writes books. These two worlds are often separate but they are not mutually exclusive. She has a proven track record of helping lawyers successfully publish their first book. She will teach you how to do it yourself with her practical ideas for how to use books to get clients. 

You'll also get the inspiration to pave your own path by following Candace’s story. Authorship is a powerful marketing tool and you can use books to help you achieve your goals in ways that address the realities of today's economy. 


Conrad Nowak

Saturday, April 24, 2021

So Many Law Opportunities, So Little Time:
Finding Your Way in the Legal Profession

Finally, you've reached the pinnacle of your career with the firm, you've made partner. What now?

Conrad Nowak is a partner Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP in Chicago. In his session, he shares his experience and insights into the path to partnership. Learn what associates can do to reach partner and find out what to expect once you've "arrived".

Brandy Edwards

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Stress Management: The Power in Pausing

In this insightful session, attorney and stress management expert Brandy Edwards offers a proven process to help combat stress. As a practicing attorney, she has the same types of work stresses as the rest of us. Her proven method, which includes daily practice for a few minutes a day, offers a way to find peace in any situation.

In the Power of Pausing session, Brandy Edwards will show you how to consciously pause and reset your thoughts. You'll learn to listen to your body and understand what it's trying to tell you. And most importantly, you'll figure out how to make peace with any feelings that are making you unhappy or uncomfortable.

As a special BONUS, she’ll take you through a powerful, guided meditation. It's been proven that interrupting your day with a few minutes of meditation can not only reduce stress, but also enhance creativity and even improve memory. So, Brandy created this simple process to help you PAUSE throughout your day to overcome stress and live more fully.

Once you’ve mastered it, you’ll feel powerful in any situation and live a more balanced life.

steven Fretzin

Saturday, April 24, 2021

How to Master the Art of Business Development
and Get More Clients

Steve Fretzin is an author, speaker and business development coach who helps lawyers and legal firms grow. Steve's books, articles, and podcast offer lawyers practical advice on how to become better at developing business.

He has developed a system for generating new client leads that uses a blend of online and offline techniques. In his session, he will show you how to network to find clients, how to use social media to develop relationships with potential clients, and what to say in a client consultation.

If you're a lawyer who want to know how to better market yourself or you want more clients, watch Steve's session to learn how.

Cathy Bales

Saturday, April 24, 2021

HeartMath: The Resilience Advantage

An increased understanding of resilience can lead to improved performance, improved health, and an ability to bounce back from life’s challenges. 

In this masterclass, Cathy will illustrate how resilience is a skill that can be learned and developed. She will define and explain what resilience means and why it matters more than ever. Cathy will then explore the impact of our emotions on our inner energy battery and the importance of Heart Rate Variability in the stress-performance equation.

Cathy is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, Personal Development Mentor as well as a Certified HeartMath Practitioner and Trainer. Cathy coaches her clients to understand when emotions are the main drivers of physiology, knowing how the body works empowers one to take control and make the shift!

Suzanne Longstreet

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Invisible to Invincible

Every time you think a thought, make a statement, or create a belief you are programming yourself for either success or failure.

You know that you deserve to be recognized as an excellent lawyer. With all the competition out there, it's easy to get lost in the crowd and become invisible—but not anymore!

Being invisible can keep you stuck, and it can cost you in more ways than one! It's important that you stand out from the sea of lawyers in the marketplace. You may not know it, but your brain is hardwired to keep you invisible and in this session you'll learn how to overcome that programming.

You can be invisible or you can be seen! You can make a change from today on. Everyone has a choice, and it's time to make yours.

Watch Suzanne's session to learn how!

Sherine Clarke
BONUS PRESENTATION:  Monday, May 10, 2021

How to Establish Your Professional Presence
in a Virtual World

Sherine Clarke is the award-winning corporate trainer who has taught communicaton and presentation skills to some of the largest corporations. For over 20 years, she’s trained professionals how to communicate at their best and shine within their organizations.  As a Certified Virtual Trainer, she’s met the challenge of today’s virtual reality by creating a five-step process to help you develop a professional presence on camera, and she’s sharing her secrets with you.

Sherine will teach you how to be an authority on camera, how to show up as a confident leader, how to use your voice in a way that feels natural, how to use body language that leaves people feeling fascinated by you, and more!

In this engaging session, she will share with you her favorite techniques and secrets that will help you raise your virtual profile with colleagues and clients alike.

Sherine is the go-to expert for anyone who wants to learn how to engage people virtually and deliver their message with impact.

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